Music Projects/Proyectos musicales

In Barcelona:

[Mizu] – A Japanese Rock band from Barcelona, Like Lead guitarist and Programming orchestral arrangements Mizu official Myspace
Moreno del Metal – A funny Rock/Metal/Pop/Bossa/Flamenco band like Lead guitarist
3D3 – Power trio tribute 70’s band, from Police, Deep purple, Lez Zeppelin…

In Tokyo:

[Mizu] 1st EP, composer, producer, recorder, mixer and mastering.

-Mona and the hoo else – Solo artist, female vocals, Pop/Rock/Soul

K-Syndrom – Drummer

Inferno band – Drummer session and drum composer on 1st Ep, producer on the second demo 2013 Rock/Metal

-B.S.O, and orchestral arrangements for movies, anime and Idol artists. Sound Director on «Tokyo Zing» movie, Sound Director in the shooting of «cnm», Sound director in super hero «Necroman», Sound director and music supervisor on «Operation Red Dog»

-Guitar teacher in Tokyo

Other projects:

-PhackneR – My first band experience since 1998 4 (albums recorded and more than 100 concerts done).

-The Bleeding Sun – Black/Death melodic Band

-Oblivion – Black Metal band from Barcelona

-Jere – Flamenco rock from Barcelona

-Musicals: Grease, Catalans a la Romana, etc…

-Nada Suite: Rock/Metal band

-K-syndrom: industrial rock (Tokyo)

-Music School professor since 2003 in a «taller de música» from Stucom, the most important is «let it be» our young guys, music is the track of our lifes, we talk about music, hobbies, problems/solutions!, and we see that all people are very important in our lifes, all people have his part of present doing special things for his future remembering the past.
-Work in some music events like a B.S.O composer, first edition of In-Edit with the song «Apuesta».
-B.S.O composer and producer with orchestral arrangements.

Tokyo Film productions: (2012-2013)

– Sound director  and Music on «Tokyo Zing» (Indian/japan production) 2012

directed by Aarti Bagdi.

– Sound director on the shooting on «CNM» (Russian production) 2012-2013

– Sound director on «Necroman» (Japanese super hero production) 2012

Directed by Neil Nelson.

– Neil “Stunt” in James bond 007 video Project (London) (end 2012)

– Japan Keio university documentary February 2013 (epic music)

Directed by Wayne Mc.

– Sound Director and Music composer of «Operation Red Dog»

Directed By Mel Chen and Juret Gheyret

Spain Film Scores: (2013)

– Guerra de Mitos: CardGame, Main theme called “Mitos” (available internet, Android app, radio, etc…)


– PhackneR : Moonlight (1998)
Word Master (1999/2000)
Ep Perderte en ti (2001)
No Lo ves Album (Efervescencia records/2003)
Compilations: Efervescencia Records (2004)
Bloody Zine Comp vol 3 (2000)
Atlantida records Lituania Vol 9 (2001)

– The bleeding sun – The bLeeding sun (2001)

– Oblivion – Sinking trails of wisdom song (2002)

– Nada Suite : Todo al Rojo (X records / 2008)

– Moreno del Metal : Madera (X Records / 2011)

– Inferno project (Tokyo 2011) Ep 5 tracks

Demo 2013 (4 tracks)

– [Mizu] – Kiseki (2012- Special edition Japan Expo París)

-[Mizu] – Jikan no muda (2015 – Special edition Salón del manga Barcelona)

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