New tracks for Hans Zimmer contest :D I made a Elven TRILOGY!!

Hello guys, first of all thanks all people that spends time listening, voting, supporting my music in this contest, i can say that i was 8 days on the Top tracks and 4 days the number 1 of the Top, so i was really really happy 馃檪 more than 6500 listening and votes.

Actually i added 2 more tracks for the contest, like a conceptual history, i did a TRILOGY of the Elven World, yes i love that guys 馃槢 please check if you have time and you enjoyed with the first part, i’m sure you will do again with the next 2 parts, will takes you les than 3 minutes!! Also if you didn’t listen nothing is the best chance 馃檪

Elven Part 1 – The first track that i could be 8 days on the Top, its a Elven way to understand what is the 芦Destiny’s door禄 of Hans Zimmer.

Elven part 2 – This new track Elven show us that every bad thing in our life is not the end, no matter how strong is the pain, no matter how long we have to work and dream, at the end can get better all time.

Elven Part 3 – This is the last track of the Trilogy, Elven tried to show that even is the last track of the trilogy that can be 芦the end禄, never we have to stop working, believe in our hope, imagine, wishing, etc…
hopely you enjoy this tracks, Thanks Hans Zimmer many people are doing what can be the next Guinness record and the most covered song in the history i think actually is 芦Yesterday禄 of Paul McCartney but i’m not sure 馃檪 somehow, many people that thinks like him, believe in him, are making and using music and big talent all together in a contest, talking, good feeling, its seems a big family, thanks that i could start contact with many other composers and many people could listen my other music for the film scoring. Awesome.

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