My private memorabilia music collection of The Beatles (I)

Today i want to show you one of my favourite items of my «The Beatles» collection. I was born in 1982 and unfortunately i couldn’t see The Beatles in 60s… or some very special bands for me, like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Elvis and a huge etc…  for me this items are part of music history and makes me more close to the 60s when the Beatles goes on tour… they came in my country, Spain, in Madrid and Barcelona, one day i want write some words about this historical event, because my country changes after the beatles visit… like around the world or when John lennon compose «imagine» songs, bla bla… the 2 shows of The beatles in Spain costs 800.000 «Pesetas», «pesetas» was the ancient coins in Spain, today this amount are like 4500€/514,157 yens/6368$… maybe you can think that in 60s was a lot of money… but not to much because the Beatles cache in 60s was like 3 or 4 more than this quantity.

Well today i want to show you My original Cavern club Brick, you can see in our first Rock Museum in Barcelona. Its awesome if you can imagine that this brick was in 292 Beatles shows… not 10!!! above 300 shows!! its amazing. There are only 5000 alive, was a collection made in 1983 when The original Cavern club was remade… unfortunately the original falls down by humidity, and some problems, the new one its a reproduction of the original… Well, i hope you enjoy with the Brick!!!

Beatles forever

Today and now RINGO STARR, are playing in Empire Theater of Liverpool, this is a program post, i’ll be in Liverpool, another of my dreams comes true. I hope to listen one of my Ringo Starr favourite songs, «With a little help from my friends»

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