Toni Torres with [Mizu] J-rock band on Rock4Japan Barcelona

I’m Glad to announce that we play in charity gig for Japan event called, Rock4Japan in Barcelona, at Apolo club, with 3 more bands.

[Mizu] singers: Yoshisuke Suga, Kaede & fàtima Ayats

I remember when i was 13 years old with my friend Gerard, we found X-Japan files from some freak websites, and was incredible this melodies i wished that i’ll be in a Jrock Band. With my last project called PhackneR i tried to do something like «Symphoemotional visual Rock» but not in Japanese language. Now [Mizu] its a Japanese rock band and this Sunday we will be in a great rock festival doing a memorial for tsunami people. #prayforjapan  i hope people have a good time and we remember the victims of Japan. God bless you.

some links!!

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