Photos&Videos Sing 4 Japan (La fontana)

Last month was the special charity gig for Japan.

In Japan when day its rainning its similar to «sadly day» remembering died people, etc… well… this day our sky weeping Japanese-style remembering these victims. But more than 100 people and 33 by our Streaming in U-Stream, be taking support of this event.

The doors was opened at 17.00 and the party starts at 18.00, people could see and hear some manga, anime, and jrock videos, was great!! and the first part of [Mizu] show starts at 18.45.

After 1h of Show with Yoshisuke suga, Kaede and Fàtima Ayats, was the time for the competitions. we had the presence of Nacho Fernandez, cartoonist of famous comics in Spain (Dragon fall, CAballeros del Zoodiaco), etc… with WBarcelona association, nice people, they do some original lithographs for Japan and they sell to send the money to Red Cross, was amazing.

Fx, Guitar Hero was in the Stage and some people wins some videogames, this brands was the supporters os the event.

After competitions, was time to Second part of the show, the most rock/Metal part, more than 1h in Stage with Yoshisuke Suga, Kaede And Fàtima Ayats. We show «As one» a song composed by Yoshisuke and arranged by Güido Serpelloni on drums and Toni Torres in guitars(solo), bass line… with some Japanese videos in a Big projector, was a very exciting and emotional moment, some people cried.

People during the show and event could eat some Japanese food, some maki, gyoza, etc… was great!!

We could take 280€ for Japan, and Thank u all for be this day in La fontana. Was a day to remember. Also i want to say thanks to people of Japan, London, Usa, South america and other countries for be in our streaming too 🙂

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