13th February «Carles Sabater Tribute show» in Llançà (Girona)

I remember in April of 1999 when i’ve been playing with my bands like a child guy. In Barcelona dies one singer of a band Called «Sau» and his name is Carles Sabater. This band was one of the most important band of «catalan» rock bands, he dies for a heart problems and falls down in the stage! like a hero… well, every year there a tribute day for this singer, very loved for his fans, he sign a lot of songs that people makes laugh, cry, dance…
This sunday i will play with «La nova trinca» doing some songs from «Sau» (The band of Carles Sabater) and also we play Hotel California song of Eagles, because there was a special song for him, i’m rehearsing the solo because finally we play in other tone and its a little bit hard for me and very special.
For me its a very special show because i will play for a lot of people that have a good feeling with Carles sabater, and parents of Carles will be in the theater. Also in la nova trinca you can find David Moreno, the singer of Moreno del Metal and also is my friend, he called me to do this and i’m very grateful.
One link of the event.

Sunday Event

I was in the first tribute show in Palau sant jordi with 17.000 people in the public, now i’ll be on the stage in his city, i can’t wait!!
I would like to thank David Moreno, Coco Comín family, La nova Trinca, Gerard Miralpeix, Alba sound guys! a lot of lovely people from music and obviosly Carles Sabater. We will remember forever.

Official website of Carles Sabater, don’t forget to check it 🙂

Special singer from Spain

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