My Weapons!!

This is my gear, i’m cleaning my myspace of main information, i think that its better create a new blog with my gear i would like to thank Joe bass imports and luthiers for do this dream comes true and for supports me all time, and obviosly to Orange amps for this relation. I’m talking with some new endorsements i hope to confirmed soon and i will publish some news about it.


2 x Head Orange Rockerverb 100w/cabezales Orange Rockerverb100w
2 x Cabinets 4×12 PPC412/pantallas 4×12 Orange PPC412
1 x combo Sinmarc G50r Leather finished/cubierta de piel


-Joe Bass Toni Torres Signature (Endorser
-Joebass Sg Special (Endorser)
-Gibson Les paul Custom Arts & historics Goldtop’56
-Gibson Les paul Studio’93 (My first electric guitar, its a part of me)
-FirstAct Volkswagen
-Rogue doubleneck guitar 6/12
strings-Lyon by Washburn Fall out boy signature signed
-Fender stratocaster blacky
-Esp Eclipse Gold hardware
-Yamaha Sg2000 year 1971
-Michael Kelly Patriot Premium with EMG pickups
-Yellow Submarine The Beatles custom guitar
-Maestro Tatay spanish nylon classic guitar  (my first guitar at age of 8 )

– Normally I use AURORA STRINGS  0.10/0.49.
– Custom pick Toni Torres signature  Medium/heavy
– Jim Dunlop Slide
– Jim Dunlop 12 Pickholder
– Millenium Rack
– Graph Tech PT-6114-00

Rack Stuff:

-Isp Decimator pro stereo (Endorser Isp Technologies

-Voltage control


-Isp Theta Preamp stuff (Endorser from ISP)


Ebow,Wahwee G-lab optical, Boss tuner, Talk box Jim dunlop, OverLord valve vintage pedal, Eventide time factor delay pedal,moogerfooger filter pedal,vintage vox overdrive pedal, Boss CE-1 (sound of Sugizo Chorus),electro harmonix holy stain,boss oc3, Boss OS-2, Japanese Booster, Blackstar Overdrive 2ch valve pedal.

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